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For those of you who don't know what the SSU is about. It's a group of adults who enjoy being spanked but also enjoy teasing their spankers (all in fun of course) about unfair spankings, their choice of implements, their lack of attention or their abundance of attention. Pretty much anything a bratty spankee wants to share is always welcome here at the SSU. Being a fair and (kinda) equal union, we do let the spankers defend themselves and then the Union members vote whether the potential violation is valid or not. Yes, sometimes even us spankees can be wrong. Above all else, it's a lot of fun and a chance to get to know others who enjoy this thing we do. So come on in, join and unite! It's your union!

October 7, 2011


Now for one of our very favorite Implement Makers!!  Introducing the fantastic paddle maker, Cane-iac~

    Handcrafted, Quality, Affordable Spanking Implements
 Family Owned and Operated ~ 
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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      Flogger Earrings and Key Chains  

When you have a chance please give our new Earring and Key Chain department
 a look.   We now offer awesome Flogger Earrings and Leather Key Chains with great "spanking" sayings.  They are handmade in our shop and we offer them at great prices.
They make wonderful gifts.

Cane-iac is a wonderful place to find all the best quality and unique styles of Spanking Implements.  You can find everything from something fun and playful like the Attitude Adjustment Strap to something somewhat more serious such as the Intimidator SR, Aluminum Cane (one of my personal favorites).    

Their prices are very reasonable and they are very well made and very appealing to the eye, as well as the bottom!  

They have wood paddles, leather straps, floggers, canes of all materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, and so many many other products!!   Definitely a place to check out for all your Kinky shopping needs :)

Cane-iac has personalized paddles and straps with original erotic artwork - see Patty's Paddles.

They have already made up sassy slogans (see below) as well as your own monogrammed items :)

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