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For those of you who don't know what the SSU is about. It's a group of adults who enjoy being spanked but also enjoy teasing their spankers (all in fun of course) about unfair spankings, their choice of implements, their lack of attention or their abundance of attention. Pretty much anything a bratty spankee wants to share is always welcome here at the SSU. Being a fair and (kinda) equal union, we do let the spankers defend themselves and then the Union members vote whether the potential violation is valid or not. Yes, sometimes even us spankees can be wrong. Above all else, it's a lot of fun and a chance to get to know others who enjoy this thing we do. So come on in, join and unite! It's your union!

September 2, 2012

The Spankers Blog

There's a new blog in town and I say it's about time...

It's pretty basic but gives the pertinent information about Spankers as they join.  

It has pictures of their most important equipment.. their hands and their paddles!!!

It also has some valid opinions about what's important to them about spanking as well as contact information, so Spankees in need of a good, qualified, Spanking know who to call... and it's not GhostBusters.. it's RumpRoasters LOL

Check out   The Spankers Blog   and if you are a Spanker.. sign up.. Spankees' bottoms are waiting!!!

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